Bernd Stoll European Quartet

Bernd Stoll                             Tenor, Alto and Soprano Sax
Rasmus Ehlers Nielsen    Piano
Michael Höfler                      Upright and Electric Bass 
 Jacob Melchior                     Drums

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Sun Ship

Sun Ship's music is largely penned by saxophonist Bernd Stoll, whose influences are role models as diverse as his teachers Gary Bartz and Bobby Watson, but also Frank Zappa and Paul Hindemith. Abstract and singable at the same time, his compositions take on a multidimensional shape in the congenial processing of the quartet.

Bernd Stoll                Tenor, Soprano Sax 

Georg Göb                  Fender Rhodes, Synths, Piano 

Michael Höfler        Bass 

Berthold Möller      Drums, Marimbaphon 

Duo Here! • Trio Now!

you can book the Thea Florea-Bernd Stoll duo for gallery openings, art exhibitions or avantgarde concert performances.
you can book the trio for performances and concerts.

Duo Here!    Bernd Stoll - saxes, synths.  Thea Florea - drums.

Trio Now!   Bernd Stoll - saxes, synths.  Thea Florea - drums.                  Michael Höfler-bass.

Jazz Heads

This is a fun jazz ensemble dedicated to bringing the Jazz of the 70s to the present.

You can book the Jazz Heads for performances and concerts.

Stefanie Ruck      vocals 
Bernd Stoll.          tenor sax  
Martin Krämer    trumpet   
Jonas Wiesner     guitar  
Chris Rücker        bass   
Jens Biehl        drums